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Ch. Woodstone Chardon Mr. Dillon 15″Dillon was my first show dog and my first champion.   Dillon joined the family at a year and a half of age, Indocin Prescription Ubersetzung with ring experience and taught me lots about showing.  He ranked in the top 10 all breed points in 1989. 

Zithromax Overnight Delivery Canada

Ch. Haut-Brion Mischief Maker 13″Mischief was born in 1988 and joined the family as an adorable 8 week old puppy.  She was bred by the Harris family in Benton Harbor Michigan and we picked her up during a snowstorm, Buy American Cialis just before the Chicago Christmas shows.     She was an excellent traveler all the way back to CO and played by herself with toys in her crate during the 2 day drive.  Mischief is the dam of my first homebred champion Ch. Pennock’s Elfin Magic from her only litter.  Mischief left us in March of 2003 at the age of 14.

Propecia Drugstore Com


Ch. Pennock’s Elfin Magic 13″ Born in 1990, Is Accutane Prescription Chrissy was the singleton survivor from her litter who grew up to be my first home-bred champion.  Chrissy was raised by hand, with a bottle and truly never knew she was a dog.   Standing a mighty 11 inches tall, Chrissy lived to the ripe old age of 16.  She stood by me through many changes in my life, exiting this world, in her sleep, the day after Thanksgiving of 2006. 

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Ch. Starbuck Torbay Déjà Vu 15″ Dede joined the pack the summer of 1992.  She was bred by David and Lesley Hiltz and sired by the frozen semen of the great Ch. Starbuck’s Hang ‘Em High.  Dede finished the day after the Louisville, KY national specialty in 1993 with multiple variety wins over specials and a group placement from the puppy class.   A stand up show girl, Dede was a special part of the family and the dam of our only red and white, Ch. Pennock’s Tie-Dyed.

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Ch. Pennock’s Tie Dyed 15″ Woodstock was born in April of 1995 and was an immediate stand out in his litter.  An exceptional mover, with beautiful shoulder layback and top line , Woodstock finished at just over a year of age with multiple variety wins over specials.  In December of 1997, Woodstock flew to Denmark to join Naya Brandt of Prescription Mobic Dosage and became an important part of their breeding program. Woodstock now enjoys retirement and lives with Naya’s parents.  

Zovirax Discount Coupons

Ch. Starbuck Torbay Evita 13″ Evita came to live with us in July of 1994 when David and Lesley Hiltz moved to Australia.   Evita was bred in February 1995 to Ch. Beowulf’s Mass In C Minor and gave us a beautiful litter of puppies. This litter produced 2 champions, 13” Ch Pennock’s Afterglow and my first group and best in show winner,  13” Ch. Pennock’s Tymes A Wastin.  

Augmentin Qartulad Online

Ch. Pennock’s Tymes A Wastin 13″ Charlie was born in April of 1995 and finished very quickly from the puppy classes. Almost exclusively owner handled, Charlie grew up to be an owner handled  best in show winner, multiple group winner and placer.   At age 12, she now enjoys retirement except an occasional appearance in the veteran’s class.  Charlie won the variety from the veteran’s class this past summer at the Greeley Kennel Club show, following the RMBC 2007 specialty.    She still loves to show.

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Ch. Pennock’s Afterglow: 

Amber is Charlie’s litter sister and finished quite easily once big sister Charlie got out of the way.   Amber won best in sweeps at the Southern CA specialty in January 1996, and earned back to back majors at the shows following the Wisconsin Specialty in May of 1996.  Amber was an exceptional moving 12 inch girl with a beautiful soft expression and solid toplin