crouch the entire time

I think of DNA forming a replicable version out of amino acids to be about as likely as Moby Dick being written in sand 20 times in a row. Possible? Yes. But is it likely in 1, or 20, or 100 instances of our Universal Space Time, from start to end? No..

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Electric wires are capable of carrying a reasonable load. Operating multiple outlet devices from a single outlet overloads the wiring, which in turn overheats and causes fire. Many a time fires start due to faulty wiring and malfunctioning equipment.

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I have another tip. I do the white noise thing at night too, though I do it through my Google home since I don have the Sonos in the bedroom. Anyway, I found when I made one giant file I was having issues, so I just split it into at 30 minute track and made a repeating playlist for the right number of hours.

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