basically hide tracks

The analysis of energy is founded on the second law of thermodynamics that explains the alteration in the quality of energy that comes along with its transition from one form to another. Exergy consequently describes physical quality deviations amongst different kinds of energy. Exergy is the highest quantity of physical effort that can be pulled out from a given course of energy.

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And I’m not doing I’m not playing by the same rules as Obama. Obama had zero interest to worry about; we’re paying interest, a lot of interest. He wasn’t paying down we’re talking about $50 billion lots of different times, paying down and knocking out liquidity.

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The fuel that powers an entrepreneurs choices and actions often leads one to failure, particularly in the early years of a new business. Small business statistics indicate 85 percent of businesses tank in the first year, 50 percent by year five and only 35 percent by year ten. To an entrepreneur, failure is necessary for growth but it does not define who they are or limit potential for the future.

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