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If we hired a general contractor(meaning, the GC has numerous sub contractors working for him like a plumber, a HVAC company, a carpenter) The GC or someone on his staff would have a Foreman in charge of all the subs that are working for him. So, the superintendent is in charge of the entire job, the foreman is in charge of whatever trades apply. For example, the job is to construct new walls, paint, retrofit bathrooms, and replace engine bay doors for a fire station.

That’s all fairly low key for a space wizard. Vader can’t teleport, or fly, or time travel. He can’t blow up an X Wing with his mind or predict the future in any practical way. 4. Lyrical depth: A lot has gone into the content of the material, as one would expect. Songs such as Sad Femme Club confront harassment, sexism and racism front and centre Dear Goddess give me patience/Tired of trying to explain/I got zero tolerance when they f with my sacred space while Questions is about the personal side of the political realm Can you give me all the reasons why/Should we stay or should we fight?/Am I wrong or am I right/Should we stay or should we fly? With a smooth flow and some pure singing the material has clearly been developed with practices of communicating in mind.

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