He added: “Hopefully it means a lesson learned for the White

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replica bags china He had been insisting on an initial payment of $5.7billion.”Have I not been clear on the wall? No, I have been very clear on the wall,” Pelosi told reporters at a joint news conference with Senate Minority Leader Charles replica bags E.Pelosi and Schumer took a measured tone in their comments, avoiding gloating and deflecting opportunities to declare victory over the president, even as they welcomed a deal laid out on their own terms.”I don’t see this as any power play,” Pelosi said.But the Democratic leaders said they hoped Trump had learned some lessons from the outcome of the first major struggle under Washington’s replica bags vuitton new power structure, with Democrats now in replica bags delhi control of the House and Republicans still running the Senate and the White House.”No one should ever underestimate the speaker, as Donald Trump has learned,” Schumer said.He added: “Hopefully it means a lesson learned for the White House and for many of our Republican colleagues. Shutting down the government over a replica bags in london policy difference is self defeating, it accomplishes nothing but pain and suffering for the country, and incurs an enormous political cost to the party shutting it down.”On that point, Republicans agreed. The mood among Senate Republicans was sour in the wake of Trump’s announced deal, as they found themselves back where they were right before Christmas, when they voted for a short term spending bill with no wall funding only to see Trump turn against it the next morning amid a ferocious conservative backlash. replica bags china

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