My ear actually had been taken off and they replaced it

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Canada Goose Jackets Luke Recker spent part of Friday afternoon watching the NCAA basketball tournament, rooting for Butler to upset Florida. Recker’s heart is still in Indiana, although no longer with Bob Knight’s Hoosiers. A former Indiana high school “Mr. Basketball,” Recker transferred last year after two promising seasons in Bloomington. Briefly, he became an Arizona Wildcat although he was ineligible to play because of the NCAA’s transfer rules. Now he is an Iowa Hawkeye looking toward next season. Canada Goose Jackets

“It’s very difficult watching because I love the game so much,” he said, having played in the NCAA tournament the past two seasons but now finding himself in front of a television set like millions of fans across the country. “It’s weird sitting here watching. But I’m not sorry about transferring from Indiana, not at all.”

But unlike Neil Reed, whose recent charges of physical abuse by Knight in 1997 brought Knight under scrutiny once more, Recker has remained silent about his differences with Knight although others have said he had long grown weary of Knight’s profanity and harassment.

But Recker’s departure from Indiana marked only canada goose parka uk the beginning of a journey during which his life, and the lives of others close to him, were changed dramatically. Basketball even the NCAA tournament no longer meant cheap canada goose winter jackets to him what it had before after a trauma that began one night on a rural, two lane Colorado road.

The sedan eased into a downward curve headed toward Durango. It was last July, a Saturday night. The six persons in the car were bound for a carnival in town. On the canada goose outlet store toronto curve, the six suddenly saw the headlights of an oncoming vehicle growing larger and larger as it approached until, in a last horrifying blink of time, the lights seemed to be coming almost straight at them. No one remembers feeling the impact, hearing the sound of the collision or being strewn among smoldering ruins.

Margo Philpott and her family, who had been out to dinner in Durango, were driving home when they reached the curve and saw a young man come screaming out of the night, flagging them down. He had been one Canada Goose sale of 11 passengers from a pickup truck that was traveling just ahead of the destroyed car and had been sideswiped by the oncoming vehicle, throwing most of them from the truck. By chance, Philpott was a nurse. She ran forward in the dark, coming to what she described as “a hellish scene… surreal. I’ve never experienced war it was something you might see in a movie. There were kids all over the road.”

The first one she came to was Luke Recker. Even when she learned his name, she had never heard of him, knew nothing of the 21 year old’s storied high school career, his two seasons at Indiana University, his quitting Knight’s team after averaging 16.1 points as a sophomore and a much publicized transfer to Arizona, where he was to enroll the next month. All she knew was that he was bleeding badly from a severed temporal artery canada goose outlet us but that one of the youngsters thrown from the pickup truck had scrambled to help Recker, and wrapped his head in a shirt or towel. He was cradling Recker’s head, applying pressure, trying to stop the flow of blood.

Canada Goose Online “Keep pressure on it. Don’t let up,” she recalled telling the fast thinking young man, whose identity remains unknown but whom Philpott credits with preventing Recker from bleeding to death. After ascertaining that someone had called 911 on a cell phone, she moved quickly among the most seriously injured. “You’re trained to go one person at a time,” she said. All were breathing. “It was not until the second time around that I found a girl still in the car under the dashboard.” Canada Goose Online

Recker’s friend, Kelly Craig, 19, who had been in the back seat between Recker and her brother Jason, was paralyzed in her arms and legs. Jason, 17, who had been sitting behind the driver, was in a coma. The driver of their canada goose store car, a 23 year old Georgia man who worked for a nearby dude ranch where the Craig family had been spending a vacation, died shortly after the crash.

Few, if any, involved were wearing seat belts, according to reports. A Durango man, 22, faces 36 years in prison for vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. He allegedly was driving his truck while drunk and drifted across the center line at about 70 mph, canada goose outlet state police said. He is scheduled to be sentenced next month.

canada goose black friday sale The tragedy altered Recker’s thinking about life and things he had held to be important. Kelly was back home in Jasper, Ind., Jason in a Jasper hospital. Distraught, Recker stayed up nights at his home in Auburn, Ind., trying to decide if he should remain at home or move on to Arizona as planned and begin waiting out the NCAA mandated year of ineligibility required of transfers. canada goose black friday sale

uk canada goose He still was relieved to be away from Knight. “He said, ‘I can’t do this anymore,’ ” his mother, Marti Pepple, said. “I was okay with that.” But in light of the accident and the encouragement he could get closer to home, his mother believed that Arizona might be too far. uk canada goose

“I told him he didn’t have to go through with this,” she said. “But he said, ‘No, I need to do this.’ He felt like he had to.”

Off to Arizona

Tucson, home to the University of Arizona, is 100 minutes on the interstate from Phoenix and a world away from Indiana.

Craig had planned to transfer with him from Indiana, where she had canada goose lodge uk been a cheerleader. Now, far across the country, he missed his home state ties and, worse, felt guilty about Craig still being back home.

He couldn’t shoot a basketball because he still hadn’t recovered from surgery on his broken left wrist and dislocated thumb. There was no way buy canada goose uk he could forget the accident.

“There was a truck in front of us and a lot of kids were riding in the back of the truck and we had thought about getting in with them,” he said one early November day in Tucson. “I remember saying to Kelly, ‘Oh, I don’t think we should go with them, it’s not safe in the back of the truck.’ And we were in the car that got hit.

“I remember waking up in the hospital and seeing that both my parents were already there. I had no idea what was going on. I was all bandaged up. My ear actually had been taken off and they replaced it through plastic surgery. They said, ‘You were involved in a serious car accident,’ and I could tell something bad had happened because my mom was crying. I asked about Kelly, she was the first person I asked about, and they said she broke her neck and that she had gone through emergency surgery and everything. I asked about Jason and they said he was in a coma. They told me the driver of our car was killed. I was just devastated.”

After being cleared by doctors in November to begin practicing with the Wildcats, Recker began working for the first time on getting back into playing shape. Lacking full strength and finding himself struggling with such basics as dribbling only reminded him of the tragedy. Nightly phone conversations with Craig did little to raise the spirits of either; in a way the calls only underscored how the accident had changed their lives their plans, their hopes.

canada goose clearance sale “It’s something you never think is going to happen to you and when it does you’re not prepared for it,” Recker said that day in Tucson. “I pray every night that things will get better. Basketball is still a very, very, very important part of my life. I’ve got a lot of goals and dreams I want to achieve. But looking at the whole picture, just being a good person and living each day trying to be the best you can, is probably the most important thing.” canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale A scar stretches from the top of his head, downward past his left ear to low on his neck a vivid reminder of the more than 200 stitches he had received. It’s also a reminder for Recker of the greater problems faced by the Craigs. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose coats on sale “She can move her left arm, but you know she still has a long way to go,” he said. “She’s just started to wiggle her toes, which is a great sign. But this is something that’s just devastating for her mostly because she’s a girl who was very active and independent and now needs someone there at all times. And she’s also dealing with the fact that her brother was hurt so badly. canada goose coats on sale

canadian goose jacket “If I was in that situation I don’t think I could manage to smile, ever. And yet she still manages to smile and somehow she has a special thing about her where she can cheer me up. I was just talking to her. It’s amazing. It’s just something where, man, I don’t know how she does it day by day but she’s really fighting it. The great thing about it is that she knows or believes that she’ll get better, and I think that has a lot to do with it. canadian goose jacket

“For me it’s a tough time being so far away. Being away from familiar faces and surroundings. Little things. I’ve canada goose black friday instagram got a tradition, when it would start to get cooler in the fall, around October, I’d always put ‘Hoosiers’ in, the movie ‘Hoosiers.’ I didn’t do that this year. I don’t know if it was because I knew I wasn’t playing or maybe because the weather wasn’t like it normally is. It’s quite different. Everything is different since I made my decision to come here.”

Recker had returned to Indiana in September to join Kelly at a sports celebrities golf tournament fundraiser to help offset the Craigs’ medical expenses. She had just been released from being treated at a Chicago hospital and was about to begin her long rehabilitation at home in Jasper. “I think then he felt the reality of everything settling in,” said Recker’s high school coach, Cliff Hawkins Recker was beginning to realize he wouldn’t stay at Arizona.

Canada Goose online After a visit canada goose outlet near me to the Craigs at Thanksgiving, Recker returned to Tucson with his mind made up. Arizona Coach Lute Olson and his wife, Bobbi, had been especially supportive. But after the semester, Recker transferred again, closer to home to Iowa Canada Goose online.

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