For once, you all in the same beginners boat

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cheap Canada Goose Since independence in 1991, this country the size of Wales and bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia has been an EU economic success story, with a canada goose black friday uk growing tourist trade and fantastically priced winter sports holidays. cheap Canada Goose

Wanting to see why someone would fly to Slovenia rather than Switzerland, we flew into the national airport of Ljubljana terrifyingly early one Saturday morning in mid January. Within 45 minutes, we were driving into the small town of Kranjska Gora.

After a quick tour of the resort, just 15 minutes from end to end, a ski boot fitting session, and a nod toward canada goose outlet in toronto the local disco, casino and pizzeria (this truly is the point where East meets West), our rep declared us fit to go.

Canada Goose Jackets Too late to hit the slopes, we wandered blearily around Kranjska Gora for an hour before eating our first meal in the hotel canary yellow, conference centre style dining room, and collapsing into bed. Canada Goose Jackets

By the time day two arrived, we shrugged off our cheap canada goose vest initial flight/ski exhaustion and woken up to our resort.

canada goose factory sale The town seemed surprisingly quiet for high season January. canada goose factory sale

Asking my delightful ski instructor Mika why half the restaurants were shut, he explained that Slovenia ski seasons are slightly different to those of its neighbours.

cheap canada goose uk Aside from special occasions like New Year and canada goose outlet school holidays, the town does remain largely quiet, and restaurants and cafes often close in midweek to avoid catering for only a trickle canada goose outlet website legit of visitors. cheap canada goose uk

Having decided to keep on going to lessons (I far too much of a goody two shoes to reject a week of pre booked teaching time), my boyfriend and I soon established a routine.

canada goose clearance Every morning at 9am, I disappeared for two hours and he pretended to get up. Two hours later, he actually got up and came to meet me on the slopes. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats The locals said Slovenian weather is never foggy during the ski season. But by day three, the fog followed by the rain had become the biggest barrier to me and a career in professional winter sports. canada goose coats

canada goose uk black friday Sitting in our hotel watching DVDs, we stared out at a mountain shrouded with white mist, noticing that, even in the fog, the short, gentle slopes were filled with happy beginners. canada goose uk black friday

With intermediate runs womens canada goose black friday peaking at about 1,550m, large amounts of cheap accommodation and low cost flights into Ljubljana from all over the UK, Kranjska Gora is definitely a resort for families.

Perhaps that was why I canada goose warranty uk was the only member of my ski goose outlet canada class who didn look fondly on any particular child in a Noddy hat as we whizzed past the kiddywinks each morning.

This emphasis on family groups may also explain why the town doesn offer a better range of restaurants and bars. Kranjska Gora is dominated by the hotel chain Hit Holidays. With six modern hotels (Larix, Corona, Prisank, Alpina, Kompass, Spik) and one apartment complex (Vitranc), the company stamps its mark on the town as firmly as the mountain itself.

Grand Hotel Prisank offers a package holiday blend of theme restaurants, live entertainment and activities for kids. Its rooms were clean, comfortable and uninspiring, while the Napoli pizzeria and London tea room lurked behind frosted glass doors on the ground floor. The hotel information board promised karaoke, a pool tournament and live music on Saturday night from 1980s band Candle With Hair.

Across town you can lose your expensive euros at either of the two casinos based in the sister hotels Larix and Korona, or in the former wellness centre.

Canada Goose sale As newfound friends in my skiing class explained, skiing in Slovenia is about practicality, not sophistication. Canada Goose sale

One mother booked a family of four into an hotel for the week, canada goose outlet woodbury for little over A dad told me that he could only get a shoebox sized room in the French Alps for what he paid here.

And out on the slopes, clever bs won swish by at 100mph. For once, you all in the same beginners boat.

On a whim, I decided I needed a little pampering, to make up for cheap canada goose jacket womens my lack of children. I wandered towards the Larix and its 400 square metres of water surface, whirlpools and hot tubs as promised in the brochure.

canada goose Ten minutes and 30 seconds later, I was back at my locker, shaking with fear. This Canada Goose online is clearly where young Slovenians go to let off steam. With 19 teenagers in the whirlpool (maximum allowed 10), screams echoing around the steamy glass facility and pairs of eyes boring into me from every lounger, I changed and was back in the entrance foyer before you could say heavy petting parents have to bear this form of family water torture on a package holiday, but I had no such responsibilities canada goose.

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