The coughing fit was a week ago

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He left Montreal at 18 to study at London’s Cordwainers College, which also boasts Jimmy Choo and Patrick Cox as graduates. Once finished school he worked in London for Matthew Williamson, John Richmond and John Rocha. He then moved to LA in 2004 to head up the shoe division for Isabella Fiore, until 2007 when he launched his own collection of shoes..

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Then came the funeral of the longest serving and, arguably, one of the most powerful first ladies in history, Eleanor Roosevelt. When she died in 1962, President replica bags toronto John F. Kennedy ordered all flags flown at half staff, the first time this honor had been given to a first lady.

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If you head down to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront any Monday to Thursday evening, you can witness the practice sessions of Cape Town’s Dragon Boat rowers. If you’re even luckier, your visit will coincide with an official race. This spectacular sport commemorates the death of an ancient Chinese poet and the boats are beautifully decorated to represent a dragon.

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